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Commercial Bank




Roar Digital collaborated with a leading bank in Sri Lanka to test the effectiveness of Meta technologies for brand building. The campaign achieved +2.1pts in ad recall and +1.3pts in top-of-mind awareness.

lift in top-of-mind awareness with reach and frequency campaigns
lift in ad recall with reach and frequency campaigns
lift in brand awareness with reach and frequency campaigns

Their story

100 years of banking history

Based in Colombo, Commercial Bank of Ceylon is one of the largest private banks in Sri Lanka, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to offer clients a wide range of financial products and services.

Their Goal

Break reach barriers

The bank wanted to test the effectiveness of using only Meta technologies to build brand awareness with youth audiences.

Their Solution

Banking on brand awareness

Commercial Bank of Ceylon partnered with Roar Digital to create an awareness campaign that would improve reach to the youth population (18-25) in Sri Lanka. The campaign used both static images and videos, edited to suit all placements, with ads that featured product benefits through a youth-themed creative strategy.

With the available age targeting option, the teams narrowed down the audience by age. The ads appeared on Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Stories, in-stream video and Audience Network. The Roar Digital team suggested reach and frequency buying and helped the bank plan its campaign for success.

The key challenge was measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. To solve this, the Roar Digital team partnered with the Meta regional team to conduct a Brand Lift test. This test measures the influence of ads by comparing responses of people who have been exposed to the ads with a control audience who has not. For this campaign, the Brand Lift test measured ad recall, top-of-mind awareness and standard brand awareness.

Their Success

Cashing in on brand lift

The awareness campaign, which ran from June 30th, 2021 to July 31st, 2021, resulted in:

1.3pt lift in top-of-mind awareness

2.1pt lift in ad recall

0.9pt lift in brand awareness

It is amazing to see how Meta advertising solutions provide precise analytics of campaigns, especially to the extent of measuring top-of-mind awareness lift for a brand. Also, partnering with the Meta team and conducting a successful Brand Lift test made us feel even more confident in our campaigns.

Aparna Jagoda

Senior Manager, Marketing Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

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