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During a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the fashion retailer, Mimosa, partnered with marketing agency, ROAR Digital, to reach online audiences and grow revenue leveraging lookalike audiences and value- base optimization—resulting in 16X average return on ad spend.

average return on ad spend across 2 campaigns.
lower cost per conversion rate.
year-over-year online sales growth.

Their story

Affordable women’s fashion

As one of Sri Lanka’s leading fashion retailers, Mimosa, focuses on designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality women’s clothing that is globally-relevant and affordably-priced for the Sri Lankan market. Mimosa frequently updates their collections with new styles being launched almost every week. The company leverages the power of social media marketing and advertising to build a loyal fanbase and increase reach and awareness through a subtle and unique aesthetic that is globally appealing.

Their Goal

Boosting online conversions

Relying mostly on brick-and-mortar sales, Mimosa had only recently launched an ecommerce store. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the company needed an actionable and measurable strategy to drive customers to their website and increase conversions.

Their Solution

From leads to customers

Mimosa worked with Meta Authorized Sales Partner, ROAR Digital, to build and drive revenue through their newly established online sales channel during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period. Wanting to explore other ways to enlarge their audience segments and reach more consumers who might be ready to purchase, Mimosa decided to try a different strategy. ROAR Digital assisted Mimosa in integrating their ecommerce platform (Shopify) with Facebook—developing strategies for their campaigns by following best practices and optimal optimization approaches.

Mimosa used Facebook and Instagram as their primary channels for promoting Mimosa’s collections. The Carousel, Photo and Video Ads were used across the campaigns with the objective of conversions and value-based optimisation.

Mimosa strengthened their sales funnel by using Automatic Placements to reach potential buyers based on core audience targeting as well as by retargeting customers. Use of Meta Pixel and Auto Advanced Matching strengthen their Meta custom audiences and lookalike audience base. Mimosa also used Lookalike audiences to expand and reach high-potential customers through their sales funnel.

Their Success

Converting in style

According to the client, the results of their 2 conversion campaigns—running from September 1 to September 30, 2020—included:

16X average return on ad spend across 2 campaigns

44% lower cost per conversion rate compared to the previous month

According to the client, the results included:

3.8X year-over-year online sales growth

1.8X growth in sales in September 2020 versus February 2020

Through the user-friendly interface of Ads Manager, we were able to easily implement quick measurable campaigns, and through analytics we were able to leverage the best performing combinations to drive higher sales and a lower cost of acquisition. After the initial lockdown period of COVID was over, we were able to more permanently and sustainable keep driving customers on to the website through the Facebook suite of social media advertising products.

Rohen Wijeyesekera

Director, Mimosa

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