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A leading real estate company in Sri Lanka, Home Lands Skyline, partnered with Meta Authorized Sales Partner, Roar Digital, to test Meta’s advanced audience solutions to generate high quality leads—resulting in 1.8X more leads.

more leads month to month
higher reach to lead conversion rate
prospects reached with high probability to convert
over 1.5M
impressions generated among high net worth individuals

Their story

Affordable luxury living

Based in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka, Home Lands Skyline is a leading real estate company that provides housing and apartments that offer an elegant lifestyle and luxurious experience. While maintaining a professional commitment to their clients, the company is still discovering new scopes of demand and is reaching new heights in residential solutions.

Their Goal

Reaching more customers

Home Lands Skyline wanted to diversify their audience—specifically, by spreading awareness among high-net-worth individuals—to see if creating a more engaging lead-generation experience would increase its lead quality and volume.

Their Solution

From leads to customers

To help generate more high-quality leads for their newly-built luxury apartment complex, Roar Digital helped Home Lands Skyline run a month-long campaign to diversify the lead experience and reach new audiences.

During global COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the company’s sales decreased significantly. With strategic guidance from Roar Digital to optimize campaigns and generate better leads, Home Lands Skyline explored alternative methods to generate leads, such as utilizing value-based Lead Ads and Meta Carousel ads to communicate more information on properties.

The company showed their ads to a Custom Audience of website visitors, and based on guidance from Roar Digital, used Automatic Placements to tap into a relevant audience.

Since real estate is a high-value investment with a relatively longer sales cycle, Roar Digital guided Home Lands Skyline to set up remarketing campaigns, which were triggered based on specific events created via the Meta Pixel to ensure that leads were nurtured up until the point of conversion.

Their Success

Increasing conversions

By using Meta Lead Ads, Home Lands Skyline was able to clarify the best creative strategies to reach a more diverse audience and generate high quality leads. Results were based on reporting data from Meta Ads Manager. Running between October 1–October 30 2020, the campaign achieved:

1.5X reach to lead conversion rate

1.8X more leads month over month

375k prospects reached

1.5 million impressions created

Despite the significant sales impact of the pandemic, we were able to make a swift recovery. Thanks to quality visual content we invested in within Meta lead ads, we were able to showcase our apartments, generate interest among high net- worth individuals and bring in one of our biggest sales for 2020!

Nalin Herath

Chairman, Home Lands Skyline

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