Removing “paid partnership” language from Instagram branded content ads

Removing “paid partnership” language from Instagram branded content ads

March 13, 2023
4 mins

The branded content ad format on Instagram is being redesigned to remove the "Paid partnership" text that is displayed above a post. In the future, newly-created branded content ads on Instagram, regardless of whether they were created with or without an existing organic branded content post, will feature both the brand and creator in a dual header format. Although the "Paid partnership" language is being removed, the "Sponsored" label will still be included in branded content ads.

Please note that this update only reflects a change in the ad format, and there are no changes to set-up and permissions, the organic branded content format, or Meta's Branded Content Policies. This change will be gradually rolled out, and it is expected that the majority of advertisers will be affected by the end of February. However, please request access to this update in Ads Manager if you have not yet received it.

It should be remembered that for organic branded content, the use of the "Paid partnership" label is still required. If you collaborate with a creator to produce content and have paid or compensated them to promote your business, product, or service, it must be disclosed as branded content via the "Paid partnership" label under Meta's Branded Content Policies. Adding the "Paid partnership" label ensures transparency and does not negatively affect the ranking of posts and Reels. A correct label helps Meta to distribute your content better by utilising information about your brand to find the right audience, resulting in similar or higher reach and engagement of labelled posts and Reels.

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