Maximize App Installs using Advantage+ app campaigns

Maximize App Installs using Advantage+ app campaigns

May 29, 2024

Now that you have built a fantastic app, how can you get it into the hands (and onto the screens) of the right users using Meta Ads?

Advertisers can use Advantage+ app campaigns under the App Promotion objective on meta ads to drive traffic and app installs across Facebook and Instagram. 

Advantage+ app campaigns (formerly known as automated app ads) act as a smart assistant, finding the right audience, showing them the most eye-catching creatives and strategically positioning ads in the most effective placements. 

Here are four benefits you receive by using Advantage+ app campaigns

Campaign creation simplified

With a simplified setup, advertisers can create up to 50 ads in bulk at once, eliminating the need to duplicate ads manually. 

Optimized ad placements 

Advantage+ campaigns use built-in placements, previously called automatic placements, to display your ad across multiple placements, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the Meta Audience Network. This broad reach helps you connect with your target audience in various locations within the Meta ecosystem, increasing your chances of app discovery and thereby installs. 

Audience Options

You can easily target your audience by choosing their country, language, and app store. This helps prevent your campaigns from competing for the same audience. With Advantage+ app campaigns, you can run multiple campaigns to achieve your marketing goals, optimizing for various app events, testing different ad creatives, and reaching different regions for each promoted app.  

For instance, you can have separate campaigns targeting audiences for different app events, like one to complete registration and another to add items to an interested list.

Detailed Reporting

Breakdown reporting allows you to customize how information is shown in reports. You can break down the data by age, gender, country, device, and platform to better understand your advertising performance. If you're running ads on the Advantage+ app targeting Android devices, you'll also be able to see breakdowns by designated market area (DMA) regions. Analyzing these breakdowns can help you make better decisions about how to improve your ads and creative strategies.

With Advantage+ app campaigns, you have the tools to effortlessly drive app installs and engage the right users on Meta's platforms. By simplifying campaign creation, optimizing ad placements, and providing detailed reporting, Advantage+ app campaigns make it easier than ever to achieve your marketing goals. 

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