Is GenZ shaping the future of brand engagement?

Is GenZ shaping the future of brand engagement?

February 9, 2023
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GenZers don’t recall a time before social media and smartphones opposed to generations that came before them. It is a known fact that GenZ uses social media to keep themselves updated about their favourite brands and to follow their interests online. 

In order for brands to keep up with the expectations of these digital natives, they should ensure to engage with GenZ by establishing deeper connections and interactions. 

In Sri Lanka there are more than 2.6million users in the GenZ age group that scroll through Meta Apps every day. Following is an approximate gender-wise breakdown generated through ads manager, of the GenZs in Sri Lanka who are using Meta Platforms:

Table: Average number of GenZ users on Meta’s Platforms

A Meta-commissioned study showed how Gen Zers engage with brands and spend their time online. They were able to uncover the top five trends that marketers should consider:

1. For Gen Z, Meta platforms are a way to connect with brands, not just friends and family

According to Meta-commissioned research, Gen Zers prefer seeing brands they like on Meta platforms. Around 60% of those surveyed follow at least one brand on social media.

2. Gen Zers want personalised, direct contact with brands

According to Meta research, 41% of Gen Zers that were surveyed have mentioned that, when brands post content that makes them feel like part of the brand's community, they feel a more personal and authentic connection.

3. Gen Zers connect with their interests by engaging with communities and brands they follow on Meta

Around 43% of those surveyed said that one of the top ways they like to engage with their interests is through stories posted by brands and influencers on social media on the Meta Platforms. 

4. Gen Zers take shopping actions as a result of Creator content

Creators and influencer marketing have become a key to unlock a deeper relationship between brands and Gen Z. According to a research conducted by Meta, 79% of Gen Zers that were surveyed have taken a shopping action as a result of engaging with content that has been created by a creator.

5. Gen Zers expect brands to focus on diversity and take a stand on social justice

Gen Zers use Meta Platforms like Instagram to voice their opinions in regard to social justice issues whereby conversation volume has started to rise by 300% YoY since May 2020.

With the aid of important insights as shown above, we can conclude by saying that GenZ is shaping the future of brand engagement. And marketers should focus a great deal on GenZ when creating content and coming up with marketing strategies.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/insights/gen-z-trends-shaping-brand-engagement

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