How The Learning Phase On Meta Affect The Campaign Performance

How The Learning Phase On Meta Affect The Campaign Performance

January 13, 2023
3 mins

What is the Learning Phase?

Learning phase on Meta advertising is the time period that the Meta delivery system learns more about the; best people to target, times of day to show the ad, placements and the best creatives to use. During this period the delivery system will test your ad performance with different audience segments and placements to determine the best optimization for better ad performance.

Learning phase in a campaign starts when a new ad set is created or significant edits are made to the existing campaign.

Exiting the Learning Phase

Your campaign exits the learning phase as soon as the performance stabilizes, within 7 days of the campaign start date. When an ad set records approximately 50 optimised results the campaign stabilises and exits the learning phase.

On the other hand, if the ad delivery system predicts the ad set will not receive the adequate number of optimized results or within the 7-day time period ad set doesn’t record the optimized events in the ad set delivery column "Learning Limited".

  • Avoid the below to optimize spends to exist learning phase
  • Frequent significant edits to your campaign, ad set and ads can restart your learning phase
  • Avoid low conversion volume and constrained setups
  • Low Budget
  • Low bid or cost cap
  • Small Audience size
  • Infrequent conversion events

It is vital to avoid tasks that reduce or prevent the ad set from exiting the learning phase. Avoiding the learning phase altogether is not recommended at all since the ad delivery system optimizes delivery to support the advertiser to scale the campaigns. In the long run it helps in terms of testing new creatives and marketing strategies.

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