How can your brand win Mother’s day in 2023?

How can your brand win Mother’s day in 2023?

April 27, 2023

Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated occasions in the world, a day to honour the women who raised and nurtured us. With Mother's Day fast approaching, businesses and marketers are gearing up to make the most of this occasion. In this article, we'll discuss some key insights and strategies to help you reach your target audience.

Prioritising Older Millennial Females in targeting

According to research, women aged 25-44 will drive the conversations around Mother's Day. These women are likely to be both moms and daughters, making them an important audience to prioritise in your targeting. 

To reach this audience, businesses can use social media targeting tools to create ads that specifically target women in this age group. 

Leveraging Self-Care and Self-Love

Self-care and self-love are among the top themes associated with Mother's Day on Facebook and Instagram. Many women use this occasion to pamper themselves and indulge in luxurious moments. Businesses can leverage this trend by partnering with creators and influencers to inspire self-care routines and promote their products.

Consider collaborating with beauty, wellness, and lifestyle creators to showcase your products and services. You can also create content that highlights the benefits of self-care and self-love, such as relaxing spa treatments, soothing aromatherapy, or indulgent chocolates etc.

Personalising Gifts and Experiences

Consumers are increasingly seeking out personalised gifts and experiences. They want to give their loved ones something unique and special that reflects their personality and interests. Businesses can use collection ads to showcase a range of products and services, making it easier for customers to find the perfect gift.

Consider creating personalised gift guides for different types of moms, such as working moms, stay-at-home moms, or new moms. You can also offer customization options, such as engraving or monogramming, to make your gifts even more special.

Maximising Instagram Placement Inventory

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for Mother's Day marketing. Consumers turn to Instagram for gifting and hosting ideas leading up to the holiday and post photos day-of honouring their mothers and sharing celebrations. To make the most of this platform, businesses should maximise their Instagram placement inventory such as feed, stories, explore, and reels to reach a wider audience. 

Why is Conversions API important this mother’s day?

The Conversions API is a Facebook tool that allows you to send website events directly to Facebook's servers. This helps you track and optimise your website's performance, and can also help you optimise your ad targeting and measurement.

By integrating the Conversions API, you'll be able to track user behaviour on your website and optimise your ad targeting and measurement. This can be especially helpful for promoting Mother's Day-related products or services.

In conclusion, Meta advertising offers a powerful way for marketers to create personalised, targeted, and effective campaigns for Mother's Day. As the competition for Mother's Day shoppers intensifies, marketers who embrace Meta advertising and data-driven strategies will have a competitive advantage and deliver exceptional results.

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