Easily build videos from images in Ads Manager

Easily build videos from images in Ads Manager

September 10, 2022
3 mins

With people spending more time with video on our platforms, we’ve been working on a series of improvements to help advertisers like you more easily build videos from your existing image ads in Ads Manager, which we believe will help improve overall campaign performance. The first improvement will automatically prefill video templates with existing images in an ad set to fast track video creation.

This feature is being gradually rolled out in Ads Manager, beginning the week of May 9, 2022. Eligible advertisers with more than one published ad and at least one image across ads in an ad set will receive a notification guiding them to a more automated video creation flow using the existing “create video” feature in the “New Ad” screen.

This marks our continued progress in helping advertisers deliver richer ad experiences for their target audience. We will continue improving the features and ease of use of our current solutions and aim to offer even more of these innovative solutions over the next year.

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1562296953875361?id=603833089963720

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