Boost your holiday sales using Meta's top advertising suggestions.

Boost your holiday sales using Meta's top advertising suggestions.

December 4, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and it's a crucial time for advertisers to capitalize on increased consumer spending. In this article, let's explore some effective Meta Ads tools that are powered by AI to help advertisers boost sales during the holiday season.

1. Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns 

Using just a few clicks with Meta. Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns help advertisers optimize ad targeting, creativity, and placements to boost sales. Get started on Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns by setting up Conversions API with the pixel. This will further improve your performance cost per result (CPR). 

2. Advantage+ Catalogue Ads

Get the attention of high-intent shoppers using Advantage + Catalog Ads. Meta AI can generate ads using images and information from your product catalogue. For shoppers interested in at least one of your products, Meta detects it and creates ads tailored to that specific individual.

Create a product catalogue and link your Meta Pixel or Software Development Kit (SDK) before using Advantage+ catalogue ads. 

3. Advantage+ Placements and Creative

Lowering your cost per result (CPR) and increasing the chances of potential customers seeing and engaging with your ads is as simple as a single click.

Advantage+ placements automatically show your ads across multiple Meta technologies, such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Advantage+ creative with standard elements instantly builds unique versions of your ad image or video, which Meta will show to people who are most likely to respond. 

4. Reels-style video ads

Did you know that two-thirds of people surveyed purchased a product/service after watching reels? 

An engaging short video added to your existing ad campaigns would encourage product/service discovery and drive sales.  

5. Messaging Campaigns 

Get your customer to not just make a purchase but schedule appointments and get more information about your business on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp.

As you plan your holiday advertising strategy, incorporate these Meta Ads tools to create compelling campaigns that stand out in the crowded marketplace.

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