3 Reasons to Know About Engaged View on Meta Advertising

3 Reasons to Know About Engaged View on Meta Advertising

March 8, 2024

Ever wondered if someone watching your entire video ad on Facebook or Instagram without clicking means it was a waste? Did they skip right past it? Did they take any action? This hidden journey can be a mystery in Meta Advertising. 

With Meta's new attribution option, advertisers can track these “engaged viewers” who might take action later, giving a clearer picture of the conversion of video ads.

But what is Engaged View, and why should you know about it? 

What is Engaged-View Attribution?

You are scrolling through Instagram when you see a cool ad for a new fitness tracker. Even though the video catches your eye, you would not watch the entire video. 

Later that night, while browsing online for something else, you suddenly remember the tracker and think, "Hey, that actually looked pretty cool!" You search for and buy it, even though you never clicked on the ad.

It's quite common for an ad to influence a conversion, even without a direct click. In the past, Meta only recorded conversions triggered by clicks. But with the 'Engaged View' Ad metric, advertisers can understand how video ads on Meta Advertising Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram contribute to conversions, even when viewers don't click on the video ad directly.  

Why Engaged View Attribution Matters?

Consumers' journey from awareness to conversion is not always linear. Engaged View Attribution shifts the focus from a click-centric approach to a more holistic view of user behaviour. This means that if a user interacts with your ad — whether by watching a video, liking, sharing, or commenting — Meta's algorithm takes note and attributes conversions accordingly.

Here are three benefits of Engaged View Attribution

Accurate Measurement of Ad Impact

Clicks alone don't tell the full story. Engaged-View Attribution provides a more accurate representation of how users interact with your video ads, helping you measure the true impact of your campaigns.

Optimizing for Engagement

By understanding which elements of your content resonate most with your audience, you can optimize your video for future campaigns and get maximum engagement.

Read about how Meta can help you create engaging ad content using generative AI. 


Better Targeting

Armed with insights into user engagement patterns, you can fine-tune your targeting strategies. Identify the characteristics of users who engage the most and tailor your video ads to reach similar audiences.

Meta's Engaged View Attribution is a leap forward, acknowledging the changing landscape of user behaviour and providing a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey.

By embracing this innovative approach, businesses can optimize ads and build more robust and impactful connections with their audience.

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