Payment Services

Pay for your ad spends through several available payment methods.

We accept payment in either LKR or USD, depending on the currency of your ad account.

Please fill in the payment submission form once you have made your payment.

USD Payments
Please note that credit card payments in USD will incur a 3% fee.
LKR Payments
Please note that your financial service provider may charge a fee for this transaction.
Please refer to our bank details below to transfer funds to us. Once the fund transfer is complete, please fill in the payment submission form.
Commercial Bank of Ceylon
Account Name
Roar AD X (Pvt) Ltd
Account Number
Company Address
11A, Milepost Avenue, Colombo 03
Bank Name
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Bank Address
No. 98, York Street, Colombo 01.
Bank SWIFT Code
Bank Code
Branch Code
Account Type
Current  LKR
Please reach out to our finance team to confirm your eligibility for international fund transfers.

Roar AdX is a digital advertising resales company that represents leading digital media platforms as an exclusive sales partner in countries across the APAC. It provides strategy and consultation for advertisers across the region to grow their brands on digital media.

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